Goodby 2012

This time last year I was in such a state. I couldn’t decide what to do. I was a photographer for 30 years; the first 15 years as my major source of income and the last 15, well…, trying to get it back. (long story). I talked to Alyson Stanfield at Artbiz Coach and she referred me to Cynthia Morris at Original Impulse. I had a coaching session with Cynthia that changed my life!

I’m starting my art career from the beginning with a totally new focus. And I love it. It is strange not having a body of work to promote but that will come. I made a list of my accomplishment for 2012 and where I’m heading. It’s going to take a few years before I can give up the day job but that can wait.

Accomplishment in 2012

  1. Totally changed direction and gave up photography business
  2. Took first Printmaking class at Montpelier Art Center
  3. Learned the basic etching process
  4. Researched other etching techniques
  5. Took second class and introduced other etching techniques to my teacher and class
  6. Experimented with new ideas…not completely successful…need more testing
  7. Using work from college and the new pieces I created, juried into Montpelier Art Center as a resident artist
  8. Committed to spending at least 7 hours a week in my new studio at Montpelier
  9. Began researching non toxic printmaking
  10. Developing a new website using to blog and show my work as I create it

Plans for 2013

  1. Finish new website and start serious blogging
  2. Using materials found on the web, begin exploring non toxic printmaking techniques.
  3. Create a body of work with the results to be shown in my first solo show in August 2014
  4. Keep records and make photographs of the process and progress as I explore the techniques
  5. Blog about the process and progress as I work my way though ideas on my new WordPress website and show some of the work there as well.
  6. Create a workshop for artists, children and photographers to make hand pulled prints using the methods developed.
  7. Be more active in Artbiz

Plans for 2014

  1. Prep for show
    1. Choose work to show
    2. Mount/frame all work
    3. Write an introduction and description for each image
    4. Create a mailing piece
    5. Create a brochure/handout
  2. Compile all material created over the last year
  3. Write a book of processes and procedures and all my results so that other printmakers will have my research and can build on it to improve conditions in printmaking studios. Making printmaking more accessible and safe.

I have found that I incorporate my photography into my work. Thirty years of looking at the world through a lens, it’s hard to see it differently. The camera is a tool I use now not my entire reason for creating. I see the photograph from a whole new perspective. Not sure how this will impact the future images I create but it is very exciting figuring it out!


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