The Etching Experience

I’m focusing on two types of printmaking right now. Etching, which got me back into printmaking, and lithography. When I was in college, lithography and collagraphs were my favorites. I could never get the hang of etching. Now it is a challenge. How can I bring my style of working into the etching experience?

I have a broad stoke and am more focused on the texture of the line and contours than I am on subject matter. Etching seems to be a very controlled medium. It’s a little uncomfortable for me. My first etching was of pears. I made a photo of them years ago and really loved it so I used that image as a basis for my drawing. My first print is of the pears as a line drawing only, before adding an aquatint.


There is something very tactile about printmaking that I really love. David Bosch is my instructor at Montpelier Art Center and he gave me a lot of good advice. Beside the usual instruction, David is a working printmaker with many years of experience and is very willing to give that experience freely. He sets up a wonderful sharing environment that is critical to the learning process. In fact, I originally created this image as a vertical with the background pear in the upper right corner. Well, the class thought it looked much better as a horizontal and so it is…

Next, I created an aquatint to add texture and contour to the image.


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