The most difficult thing about accidents is… do you embrace them or throw them away? It depends. TARNISH was an accident. A happy accident that I embraced with all my being. Not all accidents are as wonderful. But they definitely must be explored and followed to some conclusion. I approach all my work that way.

I get an idea, try it out, follow it until it either lives or dies. TARNISH lived but lots of my paths have died slow and sometimes painful deaths. That is what the creative process is to me. Learning, tasting, trying, researching, trying again, throwing out, getting frustrated, tracing back to the roots to see where I got side-tracked. Reboot!

When an idea fails it is usually because at some point I lost integrity. I stopped thinking. I just tried stuff haphazardly without taking a minute to think it though. What am I trying to accomplish here, where will this lead? Have I thought through the process and am pretty sure about the procedure? Have I done enough prep? Where is the thinking flawed? Other times it is just a lack of experience or knowledge that I’ve gained though the making of it. And this is good.

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